BCIS is a bilingual program that is a part of Canadian International School System. Therefore, the management model, educational activities, and the Character Education in Action program is very similar to those of Canadian International School (CIS). 

Toronto District School Board, a very important partner of Canadian International School System, is responsible for being our consultant for implementing and incorporate contents between Vietnamese-Ontario programs in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the Bilingual Program.

At BCIS, the standard program from Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training is also modified in order to fit our criteria:

  • Develop independent thinkers
  • Developing the ability for self-study, self-exploration.
  • Encourage creativeness, and initiative.
  • Update on social reality for students to familiarize themselves with global situation

Our unique Character Education in Action from Ontario with 10 fundamental characters is implemented for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12:

Supporting programs for students taking English Proficiency Tests.

Preparing for students with the best skills to maximize their chance getting accepted to international universities in Vietnam or abroad, BCIS is willing to support students to improve their skills at higher levels for standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT for those who are in high school (grade 10th and above). In order to save time for parents and students, these extra courses are designed after school and within school campus.