We empower students to participate ethically, act safely, and think critically in their digital lives. Digital Life practices are integrated into the curriculum throughout the grade levels. Topics such as evaluation of accuracy of website content, cyber-bullying, citation of sources, and safe online behavior are addressed in age-appropriate contexts for real-life practice. A Responsible Use Policy is used in each of the school divisions: Elementary, and High Schools.


Students from Grade 4 upwards bring their own laptops, tablets, wearable technology, and smartphones to use in class.



CIS Students use cloud based computer services such as Google Apps for Education and a variety of other Social Media for collaboration and sharing of learning.



Students will eventually live and work in a world where people use personal electronic devices regularly. They need to learn to use technology safely, effectively, ethically and respectfully.

We want our students to be well-prepared to be successful in an evolving society. Fundamental to such success is the ability to use technology responsibly to gather, evaluate, construct and share knowledge in a 21st Century world.