10 Years in the Blink of an Eye

10 Years in the Blink of an Eye

Ivy Nguyen

(CIS Class of 2013, Bachelor of Finance of Ottawa University,

now working as a Financial Analyst for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada - CIBC, Canada)

Ivy’s Graduation at Ottawa University, Canada

It all began on that dazzlingly bright and sunny morning, back in September 2008. Those unfamiliar faces I nervously smiled at, those names I tried to remember and those awkward “hey, how are you”, slowly but steadily became the dear faces I can easily spot even in a sea of people, the names I’m proud to speak of, and assuring “don’t worry, we’re here”.

It still feels like yesterday that we played frisbee on the field of CIS first campus, the Panorama in Phu My Hung. It feels like yesterday that we walked to class together on those corridors of Binh Chanh campus. It feels like yesterday that we enjoyed our internship at the newest Phu My Hung campus.

And then, as if it was just a split of second, we, the very first CIS generation, started our journeys at prestigious universities around the world.  Leaving our nested home, we were nervous but excited to experienced many of our “first”. Such as, first morning walking to class in university, first snow fall, and even first Tet away from families. It was difficult trying to adapt to new environments, but those FaceTime moment with friends, those encouraging messages we send and receive every day, warmed up our hearts in every different parts of the globe. Distance means so little when friendship is true.

Ten years went by in a blink of an eye. From naïve freshman of high school, to graduates of prestigious universities around the world, now we are dream pursuer, success seeker and goal achiever.

With a great passion for numbers and math, I chose to walk the path of the finance world. Graduated with a Bachelor of Finance in 2017, I am now working as a Financial Analyst for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC). I love every moment spent at work, as I could finally put my knowledge to use, tackle challenges and gain new experiences every day. Yet my dreams do not end here. Same goes for many of our friends. Some are pursuing master education in their passionate fields. Some are working their ways to the top of Wall Street. Some are exploring entrepreneurship, taking on their very first business cases.  

Ivy at her working place, Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada - CIBC, Canada

Every steps we’re taking now, reminds me of the first steps we took back at CIS: uncertain, nervous but full of hope and excitement. I feel that it was so privileged to study at CIS, to experience life overseas, to chase our dreams, and above all, to have the most wonderful friends.

Thank you CIS for bringing us the best people we could have asked for, and for supporting us to get this far in life!

It’s been ten years, yet it’s never been a “good-bye, CIS” because it’s always just “see you again soon, CIS”.

Some of Ivy's memories...

A funny moment in 2010

CIS last day of school 2011-2012


CIS Prom 2012 

A service trip in Ben Tre, 2011