All by myself in Canada during Tet

All by myself in Canada during Tet

Among the first generation of CIS alumni who had come to Canada to finish Grade 12, Trinh Quang Khoi Nguyen is currently studying Human and Physical Geography major in University of Toronto (UofT) – one of the world’s top 20 universities. Today, he has shared with us about his New Year in Canada.

This year, as my first year in university, there were too many thing that need to be done for me to come back home for Xmas and New Year. The only celebrations that I could do were visiting Missisauga with some friends, then joining the countdown crowd in central Toronto. After that, back to books and homework and school assignments again.

In world-ranked university environments such as UofT, I think the best method of study is making many friends to create suitable study groups, while diligence and self-motivation are keys to success. You have to understand that most university’s professors hardly remember the name of their students, so you need to have a high self-awareness and responsibility for your own study, as well as a sensible confidence in yourself. Of course, each class usually has an assistant professor who offers you more detailed instructions on your homework and assignments, however self-effort is a must, and books and library are your best friends.

By the time of people in Vietnam enjoy their Lunar New Year vacation, we students in Canada are up to our necks in study for the mid term test. Goodbye Banh Chung, Banh Tet, goodbye New Year games and fun!

Still, I would like to send my best wishes to all CIS students and teachers. Happy New Year!