Another Meaningful Summer 'Vacation" for CIS Alumni

Another Meaningful Summer 'Vacation" for CIS Alumni

Summer is when the youth sails out to pursue their dreams after a long year of arduous class work. For returning students from abroad, summer is also the time for them to gather experiences for the job that they aspire to after they graduate.

Over the past summer, a group of nine alumni of CIS, who are currently studying in Canada and the U.S have one again come back and worked as interns at the school. Even though they are interns, they have been given responsibility and been paid as much as an actual staff. On June 18th, they successfully organized the Annual Alumni Dinner for the first, second and third generation of graduates, which also included the first generation of BCIS students who just graduated this year. Thanks to the meeting, the older generations had a chance to deliver their experience of applying to Universities and Colleges in the U.S or Canada, and also information on life and environment for those who are looking forward to start their education abroad. A strong bond between the older alumni and the new ones was created under the same CISS family. Not stopping there, the Alumni also played a significant role in organizing events within and outside the school such as CVK Family Day, PMH - Towards the Children Festival, CISS Summer Camp 2015, and many Open House events for parents.

Dung Nham, CIS Alumni (first from right) supported the CIS Admission Office in the Phu My Hung Children Festival

The annual CISS Alumni dinner 2015


Nham Nguyen Quoc Dung - current Vice President of the CISS Alumni Association, who is a rising Junior in the U.S, expressed: “Before I decided to go to America, me and my family made a really rushed decision - in 11th grade, which left me only little time to prepare; which is why when I see all these students dreaming of studying abroad, I feel like I have to give them the best support so that they can pursue and achieve their dream.”

To all the alumni who came back and worked, this summer has been memorable. They all have become more responsible and experienced, to be working in a genuinely professional environment. “Coming back to school this time not as students, but as staffs have made me feel so proud and joyful because now, I can contribute back to the school that nurtured me to where I am at today.” - Tran Tuan Ba, a rising Sophomore in Canada, confessed. Moreover, these three months have helped strengthen the bonds, not only between the alumni, but also between the alumni and the school, and together, alumni have become part of a bigger picture - the CISS family.