CIS Alumnus Co-wrote a Textbook about Korean Wave

CIS Alumnus Co-wrote a Textbook about Korean Wave

By Kathie Vu Pham, CIS Alumni, Class of 2016, student of the University of Melbourne, Australia

G’day my CISS-ers!

I hope you are enjoying the new school year while I am here already doing my mid-term exams. It’s winter in Melbourne and uni started way back in July!

During my second year of university at The University of Melbourne, I have had amazing opportunities to grow and improve myself. At the start of the first semester, I became an International Student Ambassador for the university’s student union for international students. My job is to help international students transition better into a new foreign environment and facilitate cultural and social events to improve campus life. It was a great chance to meet more people who are passionate about a common goal. Aside from that, I also took on many volunteer jobs which helped me improve my interpersonal skills.

Things got more exciting in the second semester. As I perhaps have mentioned in my last letter, I was invited to write a textbook for students taking a course called “Contemporary Korea” at my university. The book was published this August and is currently being used to teach students this semester!

I co-wrote a chapter with another student; the chapter is about the Korean Wave, its impact on the region and Korea as a soft power. It took a long time to write, revise and proofread; we had to cut down words and cite so many sources. The work was exhausting at first but when I received a copy of the book, I cried as it was so rewarding! For now the book is being used only within the Korean Studies Department but we are looking to publish it all around Melbourne. I’ll keep you guys updated ;)

Kathie Vu Pham and her textbook


The book was published this August and is currently being used to teach students this semester.

I also received two internship offers from my lecturer at the Korean Studies Department! One is to help promote the department, as a marketing coordinator. I was also nominated to work at the Consulate General of Korea in Melbourne; every year, my lecturer will nominate one to intern for the consulate and this year it’s me! It’s crazy! With a huge amount of work, I’ve decided that I won’t come back to Vietnam this year for Lunar New Year; hence, it will be possibly the first time ever I spend new year away from home. A bit sad but I am excited about my upcoming endeavours in Melbourne :)

Some final words to all my lovely CISS-ers: Work hard! High school is a great place for you to develop yourself and to prepare you for the future. Join clubs, volunteer, absorb as much knowledge as possible from your teachers, and reflect on everything you do to see what you’ve learned. Trust me, this knowledge and experience will be very helpful in the future, especially in interviews for jobs or volunteer job on campus :)