CIS Alumni on the Field

CIS Alumni on the Field

By Ivy Nguyen, CIS alumni

Everyone who has walked the hall of CIS remains an important member of our CIS family. Once a CISer, always a CISer. And that’s why, despite the burning heat of Sai Gon, we - the first generation of graduates - come back to this beloved home, not just to enjoy the new facilities but also have the chance to work as interns at CIS.

With a churning eagerness, we were excited to join the CIS staffs. Each of us was assigned to a specific department to do our interns: Nguyen, Ying Chun and An are in charge of helping the PR – Marketing Department, while Linh, Dung and I take on the challenge of representing CIS at the Admission Office.

During the internship, even though we are allocated to different offices, our main role is to promote CIS image and reinforce creative aspect for CIS. We also work as a group on specified projects such as yearbook and school website redesign. This enables us to apply our newfound knowledge and skills in a vibrant workplace.

While alumni at PR Department focus on promoting CISS through different media channels, at the Admission front desk, alumni interact actively with parents, sharing our experiences, and getting prospective parents to learn more about us; therefore bridging the distance between parents and CIS.

“CIS’s internship has been a great experience, since I have never worked before, so this is a great opportunity for me to practice my skills and provide me an insight of a professional working environment.” – Khoi Nguyen, CIS class of 2009-2013, shares his thought after the first three weeks working here.

The internship has been absolutely incredible: we’ve got to work with amazing staffs and in such excellent workplace. The working environment is fast-moving, and requires accuracy as well as practicality. Learning in this environment is much different from just sitting in the classroom. 

“I feel so lucky and proud working as an alumni. It just feels great to return and support CIS, where I had so many good memories.” – An, CIS class of 2009-2013, talks about his internship.

We are fortunate enough to be given this opportunity by the CISS BOD, to not only contribute to the school community and gain hand-on experiences as well as confidence.

The connection between knowledge and experience is priceless; together with the connection between CIS and alumni is invaluable! 

Ivy Nguyen, CIS alumni