The passion of a CIS GIN-er is one you can and should take with you anywhere

The passion of a CIS GIN-er is one you can and should take with you anywhere

Sarah Le, CIS Alumni, student at University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

During my Grade 11 and Grade 12 years at St. James Collegiate in Winnipeg, I was a cast member in the school’s musical productions - You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and The Wizard of Oz. I was also a member of the Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) committee,  similar to a GIN club at CIS. We ‘scared’ hunger away each Halloween by collecting canned goods from local neighbourhoods for Winnipeg Harvest, a non-profit organization that lends a helping hand to the homeless. Another project that I worked on involved one of the current major conversations in Canada - Truth and Reconciliation. I had the honor of being a narrator in a skit called “Moving Toward Truth and Reconciliation”, which was performed at the 2018 UNESCO ASPnet (Associated Schools Project Network) National Conference held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Aside from all things GIN, I also took part in some academic events such as Envirothon (an environmentally themed academic competition) and Model United Nations.

Sarah Le (left) and Dr. Sheryl Freeman, CISS Chair of Leadership Team

I was and still am, thankful for my time at CIS as an active GIN-er, for it gave me the confidence and drive to continue to do good in any other part of the world, or at the moment, in Winnipeg! The experience I had gained came with totally transferable skills, such as working with others, taking initiative, managing my time, and many more. Moreover, now that I am a university student, having such valuable skills is beneficial and crucial to my success as I turn to a new chapter in my life - an exciting and challenging one! Finally, being this far from home, I have come to realize that the passion of a CIS GIN-er is one you can and should take with you anywhere, for it is one that both you and I can wear on our sleeve as we continue to take on the world! 


Message from Dr. Sheryl Freeman, CISS Chair of Leadership Team

Sometimes CISS students leave our schools before graduation. They may decide to complete secondary school abroad - some go to Toronto our consulting school board, others may join family in Vancouver, or Winnipeg, or  in the United States. Sometimes whole families move together to Australia, Canada or the US. Still others have left with their families for China or Korea or Singapore. One thing CISS understands is the journey! Ours is a world of transitions and for sure our students are global citizens. But, what you might ask, what have they taken with them when they leave CISS?

Early this school year when CISS Staff were busy opening their classrooms, readying for a new school year, we were lucky to have so many students drop in to say hello. Many were recent 2018 grads anxiously waiting their VISAs, spending last lunches, coffees, get togethers before boarding planes to various universities, but  in their company were three other very different 2018 Grads!

I was so delighted to see Sarah, Ellen and Matt all return of course, to help Mme Sophie and their fellow Gin’ers get ready for the new school year. One of the first initiatives was a garage sale to help new staff get bargain Vietnamese necessities!

From left to right: Ellen, Dr. Sheryl Freeman, and Matt

This fall Sarah will begin undergraduate studies at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg where she graduated with honours standing. Matt and Ellen will each begin studies at University of New Brunswick, UNB, in Saint  John. Matt is studying Business and Ellen is studying Nursing. All three of these young people were early leaders in all things GIN at CIS. They remember the days when some female teachers and students dyed their hair blue and some male teachers had their legs publically waxed - all to fundraise for Habitat for Humanity, H4H - the year CIS built its first H4H house!

For Sarah, Ellen and Matt these were early beginnings as they left  - for Sarah even before the end of Grade 10 and for Ellen and Matt at the end of Grade 10 to continue high school in Winnipeg and Saint John respectively.