Leaping for New Experiences

Leaping for New Experiences

By Trinh Quang Dong Thao, ex-President of CIS Student Council in school year 2012-2013

I am currently studying grade 12 at Sr. Winston Churchill Secondary school in Canada right now. I am the only student from CIS actually attending this school. And to be honest, it is a marvelous school.

Studying here is pretty much the same as when I was back in Vietnam. For sure there are more courses to take for such as Writers Craft (do writing and creative stuff)  or Coop (specialize in field trip) , but for the most parts, curriculum is very similar.

My courses for this first semester are Families in Canada, Business Leadership, Data Management and Politics. Thanks to my classes like Civics, Business Management and Maths back in CIS, I was able to really keep up with the study here. But that doesn’t mean easy work, since there’re many other challenges, especially when I live in homestay and have to make plan for study and living all by myself!

 Schools in Canada motivate students to be independent therefore they do not track us on our homework and require us to take responsibility to catch up on missing work or tests. It all comes down to the end result and whether you try or not will ultimately affect your marks.

The extracurricular clubs after school are numerous and diversified. For example, there’s a Thursday-afternoon club called Model United Nations that I’m currently in. In this club, students will discuss about big topics of the world, such as World War II  (this week’s topic). Other favorite clubs of mine are comic, film-making and theatre clubs. They are a bit similar with my old clubs in CIS.

I guess I should stop talking now and let you experience your own Canadian Experience! For those who are coming next year, you’ll have a blast. My tip is to do something new and not be afraid to risk anything! You won’t know until you try!

Trinh Quang Dong Thao, ex-President of CIS Student Council in school year 2012-2013