Let My Dream Fly

Let My Dream Fly

Owen Nguyen - CIS Alumni, Student of Texas Christian High School, Houston, USA

It was a queer feeling for me to settle in a place so far from where I grew up. Everything is different. People communicate in different languages. Cultural standards are different. Social interaction is very different. And finally, the thing that saddens me the most is that I will no longer be able to walk out onto the street for five minutes and find a cheap bag of snacks! However, here I am standing on the land of the United States of America, where everybody’s greatest dreams tend to be accomplished.

The first few weeks at school were probably my hardest time as I was struggling to adjust my sleep hours after drastic jetlag. It was hard to get back on track. On the positive side, I can clearly see myself taking more responsibility for both myself and the people around me. Being here, I have had to learn to take good care of myself without the presence of my parents. I never knew how much they love me until now this very moment which makes me love them even more. Making new friends has always been a problem for me. Yet, this year things got easier as I decided to simply smile more! Remember guys, putting a smile on your face does make a difference. With the new friends you make, you can study or even ask for advice about whatever you want.

As a former student of CIS, I am proud to represent the school everywhere I go. CIS has prepared me to cope with a foreign lifestyle. Especially, it was the English essays that I had to write and the novels I had to read for both Mrs. Sheryl’s and Ms. Heather’s classes. They helped me to advance my English to another level. Speaking fluent English has helped me to have a better social life, even here in a country where I have no knowledge about the culture.

Sport is America’s most loved topic! Taking part in the CIS boys’ basketball team has prepared me for the basketball program in America. Things in America are always faster. The pace of American basketball is like a race to see who gets to put their last donut into the world.

Owen Nguyen (first row, first from left) and the basketball team of Texas Christian High School, USA

Besides all the fun you have while participating, you can pull out life lessons from these activities. Basketball has taught me the power of unity and commitment. Believe it or not, these activities will provide you with a lot of advantages in the future. And for those ballers out there, you are going to love America.

Once in awhile as I skype with my friends in Vietnam, nostalgia for the little moments I had in Saigon flash through my mind. I love Saigon and its irresistible cuisines. I miss everything about the city of Saigon from the people I love to that very comfy bed of mine. I write this in appreciation of the CIS staff members who have taught me wonderful things: Dr. Sheryl, Ms. Heather, Mr. Sy, Mrs. Thu, Mr. Mark, Mr. Graham, Ms. Liz, and coach Kareem. Thank you for your dedication in helping me to grow. This is Owen broadcasting live. See you again someday!