A Busy Summer at CIS

A Busy Summer at CIS

By Le Tram Anh, CIS Alumni, student of University of Waterloo, Canada

Hello there,

My name is Tram Anh Le. I am currently in my third year of Biomedical Science at the University of Waterloo. CIS was my high school, where memories were made and lessons were learned. I returned this summer to help in the PR- Marketing Department where I learned essential skills, and met many articulate and hardworking CIS Staff. I learned teamwork, friendship, communication, planning, and organization, all-important skills in the work force.

Le Tram Anh, CIS Alumni, student of University of Waterloo, Canada

As a CIS alumni, I represented the school answering questions to new parents, helping them learn about the school and giving them school tours. I also had opportunity to join the student panel, a part of Orientation for teachers new to CISS  this school year. We shared our personal experience at CISS and we hoped that the lessons learned from the past years would help the new teachers.

The most challenging exercise was distributing uniforms. It took a lot of planning and organization to keep the system running smoothly. I practiced my communication skills through talking with parents and in helping them find the perfect uniform for their children.

 CIS has evolved a lot since I was a student here. Makerspace allows students to be technologically creative and innovative. Moreover, there is IB! CIS truly knows how to prepare students for the real world, moulding individuals who are kind, who operate with integrity and who are willing to take risks.

Tram Anh in the Summer Makerspace class

I am grateful for the experiences, skills, and relationships I gained during my internship at CIS. I am returning to Canada to pursue my dreams of being a scientist/physician. I think that the resources they are given, CIS students will be able to reach their goals.”