The Importance of the CISS Alumni Association

The Importance of the CISS Alumni Association

By Nguyen Trung Tu – CIS alumni, first year student of University of Waterloo

CIS is already 6 years old. In those 6 years, major milestones were achieved: a new campus system was built. A sister school – BCIS – was created that led to the creation of the CIS System. Our graduating classes are already enrolled in world-renowned post-secondary institutions. Very recently we achieved IB authorization. In just 6 years, CIS has accelerated with a never-before-seen momentum, driven by an unfading passion that is only rivalled by its very own will-power, its distinctive excellence and its enduring belief in top-notch education. CIS is ready for its next successful chapter, and that is the CISS Alumni Association, or CAA.

CAA is formed in 2013 from the very first graduating class of CIS, with the original mission of using their knowledge and expertise gained from post-secondary education to help improve CIS. As the end of the current school year approaches, it is important to explain to the students how the CAA works, and how they can benefit from it as members.

An alumni is a student who graduates from CIS or BCIS. If he or she wants to contribute to CIS in any way, CAA should be the first option to consider. Here are a few reasons for you. First of all, by joining the CAA you can work part-time with CIS during the summer. This is an opportunity to earn money and valuable working experience. One needs experience for a job, yet also needs a job to get experience. Fortunately, CAA – along with CIS – can help break this vicious cycle. In addition, joining the CAA allows one to contribute to CIS in a more direct and meaningful way. Since members of the CAA were once students, they are able to identify what needs improvement, thus allowing CIS to continually reinvent itself. Not convinced? One simply has to be in it to fully understand it.

At the end of the day, CAA will become part of CIS’ history. How big the CAA can get and what kind of organization it can become in the future is, for now, insignificant. However, the impacts CAA will make, can make and is already making, are invaluable to both the student body and the school as a whole. We are urging students to participate CAA, to learn, to grow, and to become part of CISS history, just like us.

Nguyen Trung Tu – CIS alumni, first year student of University of Waterloo.