Work Experience the Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF)

Work Experience the Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF)

By Thao Trinh, CIS Alumni, student of University of Toronto, Canada 

From the 26th to the 29th of January, I had the chance to be in Kingston, Ontario with the CISS Chair of the Leadership Team - Dr. Sheryl Freeman and BCIS Principal Ms Bonnie Thibodeau to attend the Teachers’ Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF). We were a team of three and our task was to find the right teachers for our students at CISS. I am confident that I was the youngest recruiter representative in attendance! Initially it was nerve wracking. I did not know what to do and how to act. It was an intimidating environment for a third-year university student, to say the least. But Dr. Sheryl and Ms Bonnie did not give me a chance to hesitate at all - they gave me the paperwork and put me to work immediately. That helped me a lot in terms of stress - after all, if you don’t have the time to be scared - you can’t get scared.

Day 1:

In the morning at around 9, we went to the profile room. I did not know what to do at first, but like always, Dr. Sheryl taught me how things work in detail. My task on that day was to find teachers’ profiles for Dr. Freeman and Ms. Bonnie and send out interview invitations to the teachers that the “bosses” identified as having CISS potential. In the evening, we arrived at Duncan McArthur Hall at the Queen’s University to attend a seminar led by four experienced Principals and Administrators. And yes, Dr. Freeman was one of the hosts of this seminar. I felt extremely proud seeing her lead the discussion. Afterward, we set up to meet with some of the teachers who were interested in CISS and to tell you the truth - we had a massive line!! Our signup sheets for the interview sessions were fully booked. And silly me thinking that day was going to be the busiest day, I was absolutely not prepared for the days to come.

Thao Trinh, CIS Alumni, student of University of Toronto, Canada 

Day 2:

By far this was the busiest day of (possibly) my entire teenage life and I was not expecting any of this at all. We woke up early in the morning because we had a presentation about our school. We had a late start due to technical difficulties and like a normal employee - I was responsible for dealing with the problem. It was a job where you must be quick on your feet - otherwise, you will affect everyone else around you. From that technical difficulty, I could understand how important it is to test the electronic devices a few times before the actual presentation. Other than the problem at the start, the presentation went smoothly and there was a lot of curiosity from the teachers and teachers-to-be. Next was starting the interview. CISS had 3 rooms, one was a reception room and then 2 interview rooms for our leadership team. I was given the responsibility of keeping in touch with the candidates before and after the interview as well as giving them materials regarding the hiring process. Again, this was taught to me very recently. We did this until the campus closed at 6:30 pm - where we were literally kicked out of despite all the work left to do! I had the chance meet your future teachers and I could not be more envious of you at CISS! After dinner, Dr. Sheryl and I worked till around 11 pm in our hotel room to send out emails and materials to the teachers. In the morning she even told me she could not sleep until 2 am so she worked some more after I left (!!)

Thao Trinh & Dr. Sheryl Freeman at the TORF 2017, Canada

Day 3:

T he last day, can be the most exciting or most devastating for many applicants and recruiters. After all, we should be expecting some answers from potential teachers as to whether they will accept the offers we have given them. For us, it was a mixture. We worked until 2 - again, emailing, constantly calling our potential teachers to check up on them. For the most part, we have successfully completed three and half days of excitement, learning (for me at least) and a lot of emailing and screaming across the hallway. I have learned a lot from our leadership chair and principal and I am forever grateful for being able to be taught in a working e n v i r o n m e n t with two of the people that excel at it. Thank you, Dr. Sheryl and Ms. Thibodeau. Thank you CISS for allowing me to have this amazing and unforgettable opportunity. You will see me again at the future teachers’ fairs but for now, it’s back to school for me!