CIS House Day

CIS House Day

The House System is a traditional feature of schools worldwide whereby the participating school is split into subunits known as Houses. The House System increases school spirit through healthy team competition.

Presently we simply have four House colours: red, white, blue, and black. One of the first things the students will be doing as a team though, is to come up with a name for their House. Students will be able to earn points based on many things, from sports to music to academic performance. At the end of each year, the House with the highest number of points will win the House Trophy and earn a spot on the House Wall of Fame!

Eight House Days have been designated on the school calendar as a way of fostering a sense of belonging, building tradition and underscoring the values of character education. All CIS staff and students have been allocated to a House and will stay in that House for the duration of their CIS lives. The House System will be at the heart of the students’ lives at CIS and will be cherished as a means of developing future successful global citizens.

Our first House Day at CIS took place on Tuesday, September 13. Let the battle of the Houses begin!!!

House Construction

House Tribal Painting

And many funny games...