CIS International Fest 2019 - A Gathering of the World's Cultures

CIS International Fest 2019 - A Gathering of the World's Cultures

On Thursday, January 10, 2019 CIS hosted its first ever International Festival. The day began with Opening Ceremonies featuring moves, music and elegant clothing from around the world. Food and games from 14 countries were shared by and with CIS families.  

The day began with three performances of cultural dances and a fantastic fashion show 

Mango Chow and Bake Fish from Trinidad & Tobago, Turkish meze, Brazilian brigadeiros, German schnitzel, banh pho and cha gio, Taiwanese milk tea, scallion pancakes and crispy chicken, Filipino delights like turon, pancit and puto cheese,  French crepes, chicken tikka and samosas from India, hottuk & sottuk from Korea, etc are just a few of the delicacies we were able to sample.

It doesn’t get more Canadian than hockey, maple and poutine. Some CIS students got to test out these uniquely Canadian treasures for the first time.  

By sharing the flavours and experiences of the cultures that have shaped us, the hope is that CIS families built a stronger community with one another. Although culture runs deeper than these foods, costumes and songs, artifacts like these inspire people to want to discover more about their friends in this international community.

Thanks to the parents, students and staff who shared their cultures with pride, bought tickets and especially those who volunteered their time to perform, prepare and decorate for an interactive, vibrant learning experience.  Have feedback about how we can make it even better next year? Want to help organize something? Contact with your ideas.

Ms. Diane Sorobey, CIS teacher