BCIS Work Experience Program

BCIS Work Experience Program

In January, 68 BCIS Secondary students joined the work experience program at 27 companies, including agencies, hospitals, clinic, schools, and restaurants...The program gave students the chance to apply study skills to the real-life work. This was also a base for them to choose future career fields.

“I had a chance to be a Trainee at my Work Experience at American Chiropractic Clinic. I was surprised because of the amount of work which the doctors who work in there have to handle. In addition, during my Work Experience Week, I had learned new knowledge such as flat feet disease. I strongly believe that after this Work Experience, BCIS Grade 11 and 12 students including me, had a clearer view of the possible roads which they will take in the future.” - Hung Minh (Gr.12)

“CanCham, I heard a lot about this place from a lot of teachers in my school. For the first few days, it was all paperwork and "info-typing into the computer", and at that moment, I thought the job was pretty boring, but I was wrong. It is thanks to my time here that I now know how to work properly in an office, how difficult it was and how "real" it was... It is thanks to this, that in the future, I may know the drill when working in a real office. Besides that, the last few days were also pretty fun, being able to discuss with the employees how to improve CanCham and I got to know them better too. It was a very good experience indeed. Also, did I mention that we also got to participate in the Crystal Ball Event? That was fun too.” - Bùi Hiển Minh (Gr.12)

“During my one week working at the RMIT PR-Marketing Department , I and two other BCIS students made a video on the topic of “Students’ feeling when making career choices”. We also wrote a post on the facebook page about “How to save your high school memories”. We observed the work styles of the staff, learned more about digital marketing and worked more on laptops. Besides, I was also acquainted with assigned tasks and deadlines. This valuable experience will be a great asset to me when I enter university.” - Minh Anh (Gr. 12)

“I had a great time training at Asifac Thịnh Á Vetpharma. On the first day, I was introduced to the company and folding tags. Next, I researched the PR materials of this company. On the third day, I worked in a cold room to observe the drugs. The fifth day I was so tired but so happy with the statistical material. On the last day, we supported the staff  to arrange types of medicines.” - Hoang Minh (Gr.12)

“At the beginning, the staff of VietMark Team Building thought that I was a student of an international school, so no need to do anything, just stay and watch everybody working. They were afraid to give me a job. But in the end, I could join them to organize an event for 700 guests. One week was too short but so important. If helped me get ready to study abroad.” - Gia Han (Gr. 11)

“I worked as a true volunteer at Children Hospital 1. Every day, I joined the Happier Volunteer Team and Ms Trinh - Head of Psychology to visit and take care of young patients. We talked and played with the children. I was very happy when spreading the joy to others and doing something useful for the community. Throughout the Work Experience program, we learned more about empathy for patients, as well as the discipline and responsibility”. - Quynh Nhu (Gr.11)