Learning Is Fun With IPAD Project

Learning Is Fun With IPAD Project

Used to support both teaching and learning, technology expands experiences of students in class; increases engagement and motivation; and accelerates learning. The Canadian International School has invested in technology to support the learning of all students.

 Teachers show students how to use applications on IPAD to learn.

From Kindergarten to Grade 12 investments are being made that are providing our children with tools that move them toward being self-reflective learners. The IPAD Project supports our youngest students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 with the ability to make their learning visible. The simple act of recording an activity and then reviewing it; be it a photograph, video or sound clip, provides students, teachers and parents with information that demonstrates success or identifies areas of need. We look forward to sharing the progress of this exciting project at CIS in the weeks and months ahead.

Students enjoy new learning experiences