Vietnamese ancient village

Vietnamese ancient village

When talking about the Vietnamese Identity, a factor that must be considered is the culture of the ancient village. For Vietnamese people the village is not only a place of living and working, but also where people gather and where the precious spiritual values are kept. From simple things like the banyan tree and water boats, to customs and festivals,  the village is a social and cultural space. This is what we have learned through,  “Lang Viet”, Vietnamese Ancient Village,  our Literature-History-Geography cross-curricular project.

Phu Le Village in Ba Tri District, Ben Tre Province

Through this project we had the chance to boost our creativity to design mini-scale models of some famous ancient Vietnamese villages. It was not an easy task, but all of us were very excited. It was also a chance to learn more about the natural conditions, economics, social life, history, and development of Vietnamese ancient villages. We have had the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in Literature, as well as our appreciation of our homeland through the study of literary works.

Nom Village in Dai Dong Hamlet, Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province

The project has helped us realize the colorful beauty of the ancient villages in different areas of Vietnam. We feel a greater appreciation for the paddy fields, small bridges, ancient pavilions … We hope our project will contribute to the preservation and celebration of the beauty of the Vietnamese identity.


Long Tuyen village in the South of Can Tho City

 Phuoc Tich Village in Phong Dien District, Hue Province

 Duong Lam Village in Son Tay Town, Ha Noi