Inspiring Youth for a Better Tomorrow

Inspiring Youth for a Better Tomorrow

Name: Nguyen Ha Chi

Year of Study: 2013-2018



  • Honour Award & IB Vietnamese A Award - School year 2016-2017

  • Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador 2017

  • Co-leader of H4H Club

  • Event organizer: CIS's Got Talent 2017




1. Hello Ha Chi! As an IB student, how do you feel about IB Curriculum at CIS?


In my opinion, IB is an interesting, balanced, comprehensive, and challenging curriculum that helps me have in-depth knowledge of my chosen subject areas. It also encourages me to be more involved in community service and take responsibility for leadership at the school.

Since studying IB, I’ve become more active in the life of the school. For example, I’m a co-leader of H4H, a club which fundraises to build houses for the poor in Vietnam.  Our goal this year is to raise 80 million VND and we are getting closer. Together with three other friends, we successfully organized 2017 CIS’s Got Talent  for Grades 7-12 students.

IB gives me opportunities to learn in depth, to be more independent in my study, and to develop my skills such as time-management, organization, and problem-solving in order to be well-prepared for university life.

2. Can you share your experience as a Rhino Ambassador?

IB encouraged me to participate in the Wild Rhino Competition and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and to become a Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador. I had a 10-day trip to South Africa, including 5-days living in Imfolozi Game Reserve and 1-day workshop about the rhino poaching crisis. To be honest, the trip to Imfolozi was tough when I along with others, had to carry a 20-kilo backpack on the shoulder.  Moreover, at night, while everyone was sleeping, each of us, in turn, was responsible for ensuring the safety of the group. However, I learned many good things from this trip such as I have a better understanding of wildlife, I could learn how to use natural resources to provide for our basic needs, etc.

The mission of a Rhino Ambassador is to raise awareness about the rhino poaching crisis. The representatives of Wild Rhino Organization have discussed with Rhino Ambassadors the activities that will get more people’s attention to the issue.  Hence, Rhino Ambassadors collaborated to present at the American Centre on World Rhino Day. We shared our experience in South Africa as well as the facts about the rhino poaching crisis. With the presence of many journalists and students from different international schools, I believe that we have spread the message to more people.  Furthermore, I had a Q/A with Ms. Sophie for CIS intermediate students while the other Rhino Ambassadors did similar presentations at their schools.  In addition, Rhino Ambassadors have volunteered to raise awareness at some shopping malls such as Crescent Mall.  We’re planning to have a flash mob soon to gain more recognition from the community.  I hope CISS students will understand this huge opportunity and participate the upcoming Wild Rhino Competition.


3. As a student of an international curriculum, what do you think about the Vietnamese Language and Culture subject?

By learning Vietnamese, I can develop my language thinking and communication skills to convey ideas and emotions accurately, persuasively and expressively. This subject also provides me the knowledge of Vietnamese literature, customs, and the beauty of Vietnamese people to make me proud of my homeland. As Vietnamese, we must respect and preserve our cultural heritage. Do Trung Quan, a Vietnamese poet, has quoted: “Each person has only one homeland as he has only one mother. If he doesn’t miss his homeland, he will never be mature…”

4. What do you like the most when learning at CIS?

What I like about CIS is  the very active curriculum. CIS teachers are like our “big” friends with whom students can easily share their stories.  Under the guidance of our teachers, students can work independently and creatively in their study. Moreover, CIS makes my life more dynamic and meaningful through joining interesting clubs such as H4H. Besides, at CIS, I can explore my passion in order to choose the suitable university and future career.

5. What are your plans after graduating from high school?

My intention is to study abroad. I am applying to some universities in Sydney and Melbourne. Studying abroad will help me explore a new culture and get the chance to know more new international friends. Furthermore, I will continue my community service efforts, especially advocating for the protection of the rhino as  a Rhino Ambassador!

Thank you Ha Chi! We wish you success in your adventures ahead!