Full name: Bui Linh Chi (Samantha)

BCIS Alumni Class of 2015-2016

Member of BCIS Student Council 2015- 2016.

IELTS: 7.0

Received scholarships at 3 Canadian Universities: York University, University of Toronto, and Ryerson University.

Hello Linh Chi, first of all, we congratulate you on graduating from BCIS with super achievement. Could you please share some of your progress and experience studying at BCIS?

Linh Chi: Hello everyone! I transferred to BCIS second semester of Grade 9. It was quick for me to blend in with the new environment because the students were very friendly and open. I genuinely feel that BCIS is a very interesting and diverse school, and it is constantly changing for the better. I can feel a mixture of Western and Eastern culture at BCIS. Furthermore, I got to hone my English and other necessary life skills for studying abroad. I also enjoyed the interaction between students and teachers. BCIS teachers are very thoughtful and understanding.

Which school did you decide among the three that gave scholarships? What do you regard as the most important factor when applying for scholarships?

I have applied to major in business at three schools in Toronto (Ontario). I was accepted to all three, and I decided to go to York University. Personally, I think in addition to GPA (grade point average) or good IELTS/TOEFL scores, international universities really care about students’ involvement in extracurricular activities. I am very lucky because I had chance to participate in many activities during my time at BCIS. I also served as part of BCIS student council and other volunteer work.

Do you have other tips that you would like to share with others who plan to study abroad?

I set a goal to study abroad early on; therefore, I had already researched foreign university requirements in general, and Canadian universities in particular so that I could set my standards and surpass them. I personally think that you need to research studying abroad as soon as possible because policies are different in each country. More importantly, you need to determine your purpose for studying abroad, and from then look into schools. Information is abundant, from websites, Facebook and the Study Abroad Conference in HCMC. The chances await us to grasp.

Thank you Linh Chi! We wish you success on your academic adventures ahead.