CIS’ First Cultural Connections Celebration

CIS’ First Cultural Connections Celebration

On January 10th, 2019, CIS will host the first ever International Fest at CIS. It's a festival featuring the food and activities that celebrate the diversity of CIS students' cultural connections.

On that day, students will dress in cultural attire. There will be a fun fair with food and games from countries from around the world. International music will be played throughout the day. The day will kick off with some lively performances. During lunch and parts of the afternoon, various classes/divisions will attend the festival to enjoy and learn. We will feature: Brazil, Canada, Eastern Europe, France, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines,  Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey and of course, Vietnam.

Tickets will be sold in advance of the festival.  Proceeds will be used to cover the costs of ordering food and supplies and any additional revenue will be donated to NGOs for charity causes.

If you'd like to support an existing committee or form another,  contact Ms. Diana via email Otherwise, support by joining in the fun on January 10th, 2019!

Holley Nguyen, Student Leader, Grade 11, CIS