Waterloo Math Contest Grade 9 to 11

Waterloo Math Contest Grade 9 to 11

The next set of Math Contests that CISS will host are the Grade 9 Pascal, Grade 10 Cayley and Grade 11 Fermat Contests. Motivated students in lower grades are also encouraged to write these contests.

Contest Date: February 27, 2019

Registration Deadline: January 25, 2019

Fee: 150.000 VND - CISS students/ 180.000 VND - non-CISS students


The contests are 60 minutes long, with 25 multiple-choice questions.  Calculators are permitted.  Early contest questions require only concepts found in the curriculum; the last few questions are designed to test ingenuity and insight.  Rather than testing content, most of the contest problems test logical thinking and mathematical problem solving.  

To register:

- CISS students: Please contact your Math teachers.

- Non-CISS students: Please register via the link: http://bit.ly/PascalCayleyFermat19