Cơ hội nghề nghiệp tại CIS

Job Title: Admission Officer 

Working location: No. 07 & 86, Street 23, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC

Department: ADMISSION


Updated date: 21.05.2018

I. Job Description:

  • Consults parents about academic programs of CISS

  • Be responsible for the assigned admission targets.

  • Incorporates with staff from other departments to make sure that students are in the best care.

  • Receives potential customers via email, Facebook, text message, introduction, and take care of customers as guided in the admission procedure.

  • Updates potential and current customers onto customer management system, makes sure that the information is collected correctly and completely. 

  • Records all students' documents during the enrollment process 

  • Regularly reports about admission status.

  • Consults potential parents and students about academic programmers of each school in the CIS System, recognizes each student’s needs to give focused consulting which help parents choose suitable academic environment for the student. 

  • Takes parents on school tour: introduces activities happening on-site, explains what educational and humanitarian significance of the activities.

  • Assists parents in filling the application forms.

  • Arranges assessment tests.

  • Assists Canadian teachers in communicating with parents after getting the assessment result.

  • Inform test results to parents and assists parents in contacting with relevant departments to complete the necessary steps for enrollment (accounting, school services, academic services, etc.)

  • Transfer completed student’s record to the Academic Services Office for managing and greeting new student entry.

  • Receives feedback and contributions from parents and contacts the relevant departments to address parent feedback.

  • Monitor, record paperwork relating to the processing of comments from parents.

  • Follow-up with interested parents to make sure that parents are well-informed with school news and promotions.

  • Convinces prospective parents to choose the CISS for reasons consistent with the needs of parents.

  • Update weekly activities to relevant departments to support students’ activities.

  • Support other departments to contact parents (e.g. re-enrollment confirmation, fees payment reminding).

  • Forward parents’ comments/requests to relevant offices.

  • Regularly update information onto management systems and shared files.

  • Termly report on new students, numbers of students needed to enroll according to target, numbers of booking for assessment tests… and asked by management. 

  • Attending school events/ activities.

  • Other tasks assigned by management (translation, support other offices in school events).


* This Job Description is not limited to the duties/responsibilities described above and will be subject to changes to incorporate any duties/responsibilities to reflect the job scope/business requirements.

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