Cơ hội nghề nghiệp tại CIS

Vice-Principals appointed to the Canadian International School System - Vietnam report directly to their supervising Principal and are responsible for “duties as assigned” by the Principal and/or the Chair of the School Leadership Team.

CISS Vice-Principals are considered to be principals in training working under the supervision and guidance of an experienced Principal.

School Website: https://bcis.edu.vn/en


  • Supports the CISS educational Vision and strategic directions in building a world class private school System as determined by the Board of Directors;
  • Supports the work of the Board of Directors on new initiatives to widen the scope of CISS programs and activities;
  • Is accountable for student achievement and well-being, student enrolment and retention, and sustainability of a highly qualified staff;
  • Demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively with the Board of Directors, the Leadership Team, the Operations Manager, all Academic and Administrative Staff, Parents and Community Partners;
  • Inspires public confidence in the delivery of education for all students as a world class private school;
  • Supports the strategic and systematic professional learning of the teaching staff
  • Demonstrates expertise as an educational leader who is student-centered, able to build a culture of excellence, and lead staff with programs and instruction to engage and meet the needs of students;
  • Supports quality partnerships that support the work of the work in the provision of a rich program of co-curricular, sports and athletics, and outdoor learning and leadership experiences and arts education that students experience a holistic values-based education;
  • Promotes and models strategic use of data to improve learning and ensure a safe, caring and dynamic learning environment and school culture;
  • Co-implements with the Principals and Vice Principals the annual school improvement planning and works to ensure the School Improvement Plans are aligned and coherent with the Board of Directors' Vision and strategic directions;
  • Supports the Board of Directors in the effective development and result-oriented implementation of curriculum and co-curricular program that ensures students success as English as a Second Language Learners;
  • Assists in the hiring and supervision of academic staff to ensure quality teaching and teaching methodologies to meet the needs of students where English is an additional language;
  • Collaborates with Admissions and Public Relations Marketing Staff in the public relations, marketing, and admissions processes;
  • Collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) Vietnam, District of Education and Training (DOET) Ho Chi Minh, and the Toronto District School Board as the Consulting District School Board to CISS;
  • Oversee the implementation of the English as a Second Language Program from Grade 1-12

Beyond a list of duties and/or responsibilities whether organized by month, term or semester, the Principal must engender the confidence of his/her people. He or she must be seen as a presence or force in and beyond the school. The Canadian International School System relies on the Ontario Ministry of Education resources; in determining the role of the Principal emphasis is placed on the Ontario Leadership Framework under the headers: Setting Direction, Building Relationships and Developing People, Developing the Organization, Improving the Instructional Program, and Securing Accountability.


Professional Qualifications

  • Principal’s Qualifications
  • Demonstrated experience in instructional leadership

Professional Attributes and Experience

Like Principal and vice-principals everywhere, this successful candidate will have experience that supports the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF), but in an offshore setting more careful consideration is given to the personal attributes/resources outlined on the OLF.

  • Successful academic leadership experience in providing pressure and support;
  • Demonstrated commitment to student success; strong foundation in assessment of students’ literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills;                   
  • Experience implementing culturally relevant pedagogy;
  • Proven ability to motivate, lead and supervise staff;
  • Experience in staff development notably in supporting beginning teachers;
  • Evidence of data-based decision making;
  • Experience in developing and implementing school improvement plan;
  • Experience in the District Review Process;
  • Experience in the intemational environment is a definite asset;
  • Ability to work well under pressure and a high tolerance for ambiguity.

The Vice Principal role is critical to setting the tone of the schooL The Administrative Team must be present in the school - in the classrooms and hallways, at student and community events. The Leadership Team provides both pressure and support holding students and staff accountable.

The Vice-Principal role includes but is not limited to:

  • Liaison with governing bodies ie. consultancy board, IBO
    • oversees curriculum
  • Works with the Principal in Staffing, Supervision of Staff
    • Submits annual staffmg projections
    • Recruits, interviews and makes recommendations to the Human Resources Department in the hiring process
    • Supports orientation for teachers new to System
    • Creates and monitors student and teacher timetables
    • Conducts teacher performance reviews
    • Facilitates professional learning
  • Instructional Leadership
    • Works with Principal and teachers to create and monitor the annual school improvement plan
    • Collects student achievement data o Works with teachers to set subject specific goals
    • Works with the Guidance Counselor to meet students academic socio- emotional needs
  • Grade Reporting
    • Proofread assessments prior to implementation to ensure consistency and alignment
    • Sets the exam and supervision schedules
    • Proofread teacher report card comments
  • Is the first responder in matters of discipline
  • Parent /Community Outreach
    • Provides vveekly/monthly calendars through the school website
    • Regularly liaises with parents
    • Attends parent council
  • Management
    • Is responsible for discipline issues
    • Maintains a facilities and health and safety log
    • Chairs the school Health and safety team
  • Duties as assigned by the Principal or Chair of the School Leadership Team

Submit your application online to: thuong.le@khoinguyenholdings.edu.vn

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

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