5 steps to get university scholarships

What will you do after Grade 8? 

How to design your future and well prepare for the university offer and get a scholarship?

According to Ms.Melissa O'Leary- guidance counselor at CIS, there are 5 basic steps, but can’t be missed when you desire to hunt the university scholarships. 

1️⃣ Planning from Grade 9

Grade 9 is the perfect time to start planning the goal of the university scholarship pathway. Each student at CIS is guided in person with Ms. Melissa to find out the “best fit" universities with their abilities and expectations, rather than “top" or “honorable" factors like social expectations. 

2️⃣ Focus on academics 

Universities will review your entire Secondary Transcript and you may receive more offers or scholarships. If you show a consistent pattern of doing well throughout secondary school. Therefore, focusing on academics seems like the priority of all students who desire to get scholarships. It could be late if students put their concentration on transcripts up to grade 12, due to difficulties in making good expressions with the university's admissions council.

3️⃣ Be realistic

Students should do research about prerequisites (academics and language level) on the website to make a strategy list. In addition, other factors like an internship, international exchange opportunities and community activities are also a plus for increasing your chances of offers and scholarships.

4️⃣  Social skills 

Becoming involved in extracurricular activities, in and outside of school, shows that the applicants are serious and invest their efforts in hunting scholarships. Universities now often look for students that are well-rounded throughout their high school careers.  Demonstrate strong community involvement and leadership skills - both applications and scholarships often look for these qualities. 

5️⃣ Action!

The advice is making a list (step 2) and extracurricular mindset (step 4), students should also make a table about the scholarship document needed, the deadline for registration, and ask someone to review it for you. Then, apply to many scholarships, big or small, to increase your chances. It may seem time-consuming, but the pay-off is worth it!

At the Canadian International School, students are guided to prepare all steps above after finishing Grade 8 with the guidance counselor. 

As a result, in 2020, 55 CIS seniors received about 118 scholarships and more than 70 admission offers from the international universities in Vietnam and worldwide. 

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