HUNG KINGS' COMMEMORATION DAY - Back to The Roots of Our Cultural Values

On Saturday morning March 27, CIS students have visited the Hung Kings Temple at the History Ethnic and Cultural Park (district 9) with over 30 students and teachers from the Saturday Vietnamese Program onboard. Following the Hung Kings Temple, impressive performance, and others, students have been able to engage in a valuable learning experience. During the journey to the Hung Kings Temple, the students had the opportunity to participate in various activities and engage in a valuable learning experience.

Students were listening to a presentation at Hung King Temple

Here, they were able to expand their understanding of their origin as well as learn about the great contributions of the Hung Kings, accompanied by informative lectures. Also, there is an enormous artwork depicting the material and spiritual life of the residents in Van Lang's era, and 33 stones representing the 33 islands of the Truong Sa archipelago, which is a reminder of the awareness of the sea and island sovereignty.


Designing historical Hung Vuong period attire

Following the impressive performance, students soon got to shaping “bánh giày”, which are round, white glutinous rice cakes, to recreate the traditional scene of hand pounding rice in the exploration of the 2875-258 BC Van Lang lifestyle

Students glutinous with rice and make bánh giày

Finish cooking of the Hung Vuong dynasty

The succeeding culture-themed games, including Cheraw dance and tug of war, kept spirits high until the end. By allowing students to interact with a part of Vietnam’s history, these activities boosted their appreciation for Vietnamese tradition and culture, specifically during the Hung Vuong period.

Cheraw dance

“I can feel the value of Vietnamese history and our country's soul through each unique painting and ancient artifacts. That's what I want to learn and cultivate. I will bring my filial spirit to discover Vietnamese people's cultural values and beauty wherever I go to continue enriching my understanding. It is also luggage for me to bring in my future journey to a new horizon.” (Minh Anh, Grade 11)

 At the end of the trip, students took a photo together

All journeys leave behind an unforgettable trace, and those aiming to instigate experience and newfound knowledge surrounding cultural values especially so. This occasion brings meaning and memorable experiences, particularly the students in grade 11 of CIS.

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