Join our OPEN DAY and receive a 100% REFUND on TUITION FEE when registering our CIS ONTARIO KINDERGARTEN

Children are never short of energy for  active learning. Therefore, the Ontario Kindergarten approach of "Learning through play" is very unique and creative and seen as one of the factors supporting early childhood education.

The Ontario Kindergarten program will help your little angels:

Build a strong learning foundation during the early years of life.

Help children adapt well to the transitions of various educational settings: receiving family care, going to kindergarten and being prepared for Primary school.

Allows children to learn through relationships, with a collaboration between play and exploring the world around them.

Create the learning environment and practice necessary life skills to help children adapt to the ever-changing world in the present and future.

Coming to the Open Day on Saturday  October 24, 2020 at the CVK campus in District 7, CIS will give children the opportunity to "play hard - study harder" with a series of interesting activities:

Promote creativity with FAIRY WORLD.

Language acquisition in our SMART CLASS.

Have fun with COOL WATER.

Delicious lunch at our CAFETERIA.

Beside all of the lovely gifts, families will have the opportunity to participate in our attractive promotion program of 100% tuition refund, exclusively for Kindergarten.


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