CIS is the first and only school in Vietnam to offer the Ontario curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Established and developed since 2009, CIS started its educational journey in cooperation with the well-known and respected District of Niagara School Board, DSBN from 2009 until 2014, and with the Toronto District School Board from 2014 to present.


The Global Citizenship statements at CISS are the first stages of our complete curriculum. Below we have developed the definition and structure, which inform our community of the Global Citizenship ideas that uniquely prepare students for a future of changing political, social, economic, technological, and ecological landscapes.

Research from both the OECD and United Nations informed the development of the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that we believe are necessary for students to become lifelong learners and be active global citizens.

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CIS is the first and only school in Vietnam to currently offer the general curriculum of Ontario (Canada) for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.



"Once a CISS-er, Always a CISS-er."



From Sai Gon Junior Activist to Top SKY University

Running an Autism Awareness Club since Grade 5, Jee Won Kim has grown up as a strong and constructive leader in social justice activities and will officially step into one of the top SKY Universities (YONSEI University) in Korea next September.

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The IB average score of CIS students is higher than the world average

The first IB Program to be introduced. It remains the most popular and reputable of the IBO's programs, with over 4000 schools offering courses. Students who graduate from this challenging academic program are equipped with the necessary skills to flourish at university.

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[PETER PAN] 117-year-old Peter Pan Musical will be performed at CIS

“The boy who never grows” Peter Pan landed in the CIS Cinema last weekend and left an unforgettable feeling in the heart of parents and our little audiences.

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