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I attended CIS during the developing years of my teenage years, and I wouldn’t have been able to evolve into the person I am proud of today without the inspiring teachers that guided me every step of the way. I was able to build life-long friendship that I deeply cherish. Looking back at my time in CIS, I am forever grateful for my teachers and friends, who were so trusting and accepting. During those developing years, feeling accepted and loved were such important fundamentals pushed my confident to explore and understand myself better. I will always remember my time at CIS with love and grace. 

shared CIS's student M.Phuong

CIS was a great destination for me to continue my academic career, I am just feeling so grateful because I can meet new friends, study with the best teachers and enjoy my high school years in joyful and happy. I was a super shy kid when I first came to CIS. However, the atmosphere that CIS brings to my mind was out of this world. I had great chances to be a better version of myself, break my limit and be a global citizen.


If I could describe the CIS school in one word, I would choose "community". Unlike other international schools I know, the CIS community is closely knit like a real family. I love the feeling of going to school and being enveloped in such a familial atmosphere!

Huu Kien

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