IBDP helps students grow life-long study skills earlier than most programs
Ms.Lauren Fenato is an IB Diploma Programme teacher of IB History and TOK at the Canadian International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


How did you become an IB teacher?
I became an IB teacher because I was an IB student and knew right away that this was going to be a program I was involved with for a career. When I was an IB student, the challenges and obstacles that seemed unpassable were made so much more manageable and easier so I can empathize with the challenges and offer direct support and encourage students in learning not just about content but also life skills because of that experience. In many ways, those teachers inspired me to want to help future students in the same way to mentor and guide others, and that's where I found my passion for History and Theory of Knowledge.

What aspects of teaching the DP are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about the Theory of Knowledge (TOK)! It's a subject that is mandatory for all students to take and in my opinion, is the area where students develop skills they carry with them throughout life and often remember the most because its content is selected by the students themselves. It asks them to think in diverse ways, challenges their own personal beliefs, and teach them tools for looking at information critically to come to the truth. It is led by the passions and interests of the students themselves and what they bring to the class so each time you teach it is so unique and you get to really what matters to the students. 

What do you think is unique about the skills DP students gain through the program?
The DP program offers students unique skills in that students are the drivers in their learning and are given more independence to select pathways and grow life-long study skills earlier than most programs. It also helps students to see connections at a personal, local, and global level which helps with global mindedness and the transition to multinational universities and careers. 


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