COVID Update March 21, 2020

To Our CISS Community, Parents, Students and Staff

Never in our collective lifetime have we faced the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting. No one person is exempt from this virus. And, what’s more, we are working in a world full of questions with no definite answers.

Our staff - teachers and support staff and our students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 -  are rallying to meet these challenges. Over the next week, I have asked our Public Relations Department to post some examples of student work. I think you will agree that our students are meeting and surpassing expectations. 

Where once we thought our situation in Asia or Vietnam was unique, now we learn that students all over the world from pre-school to university are coping with a disrupted school year. Parents are struggling to support their students’ learning from home and while everyone worries about “screen time”, we find ourselves relying on our phones, iPads and laptops all day long!

As we move now into Week 8 of this new frontier some reminders:

  1. All of us need to take a break from the screen. Facetime needs to be just that, eye contact and conversation from the heart not the keyboard.

  2. Our Grade 12 students are feeling the pressure keenly. This is their graduating year, a year when everyone is asking them what they are doing and where they are going? The CIS Year 2 IB students begin their mock exams this Monday. They need your support and some peace and quiet during the exam. 

  3. While some students have not left their bedrooms for 7 weeks, others are socializing with abandon. Neither solution is ok. We worry about further outbreaks. This is not the time to relax in the “new normal”. We ALL need to practice social distancing.  Get some fresh air but significantly limit your social network.

We are hearing from parents, especially parents of our youngest children, how difficult it is - either the work is too easy or too challenging. We will continue to share links to different lessons.  When your child is struggling please connect directly with the teacher and/or speak to our ASO.

I want on your behalf to acknowledge the work of our teachers who despite messages from their respective governments and pleas from their own parents and families, are continuing their work for and with “our kids” in Vietnam.

We miss you. Take care. Wash your hands!

Dr. Sheryl Freeman

CISS Chair of Leadership team

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