Expatiate Director of English Language Centre


  • 13th-month salary
  • 12 annual leaves
  • Free buffet lunch


Position Objective
The Director of the English Language Centre is responsible for the coordination, implementation, high-quality delivery, and monitoring/evaluation of the program activities related to teacher training, English lab, and self-access center learning. This role encompasses but is not limited to curriculum development, teaching English, delivering training, and ensuring the overall quality and efficiency of deliverables.

• Responsible for the academic management of the Language Centre, Lao Cai, Vietnam. The Director of the English Language Centre will have oversight of the academic programs in order to maintain the highest standards thought out the center.
• Assigns classes to ESL instructors, as well as assigns students to class sessions.
• Oversees the reporting of grades, compiles the list of students completing the courses, and provides complete information to relevant departments, as needed.
• Manages student records, prepares and maintains the electronic master class schedule, schedules final exams, and records student grades for electronic distribution.
• Advises students, addresses student complaints, manages the student grade appeals process at the end of each session and makes recommendations to the BOD on disciplinary issues, both student and personnel.
• Contributes and conducts the department strategy plan based on annual KPIs.
• Interviews ESL instructors and teaching assistant candidates and makes hiring recommendations to the BOD.
• Effective management of all staff in the Academic department of the Language Centre, Lao Cai, making sure that the activities of the department are undertaken in accordance with company policy and regulatory frameworks.
• Provides ongoing mentoring and professional development to Staff and ESL teachers as needed.
• Provides positive and professional leadership to the team.
• Shares and implements best practices across the center.
• Serves as Principal Administrator for site visits and communications.
• Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.
• Researches and designs electronic record-keeping procedures to allow data collection and regularly retrieve, analyze, and report data on the student population to stakeholders.

Manage Academic services department

• Control the work of ASO Dept, ensures that the professional requirements of the students, leadership team, and teachers are met.
• Reviews and compiles written communication to parents before sending them to the parents in the system ensures written communication with parents.
• Ensures the efficient and scientific archiving of student records and papers.

Customers Services
• Regularly carries out customer service quality assessment activities and provides training and development of professional skills for employees.
• Receives complaints from parents and coordinates with relevant departments to resolve them thoroughly.
• Works closely with the school leadership team to handle the special circumstances of students (students with special needs, disciplinary students, students with psychological crisis, students with learning disabilities)

Financial Development
• Appropriate and effective management of the departmental budget and direct costs.
• Manages teacher benefits and teaching pay scales.

Project Manager
• Assists the BOD in meeting and working with cooperate, clients.
• Assists with Marketing events.
• Production of Academic related Marketing content (events and online)

This Job Description is not limited to the duties/responsibilities described above and will be subject to changes to incorporate any duties/responsibilities to reflect the job scope/business requirements.



● This position is open for Expat only
● 2-5 years year experience as a Director of English Language Centre.
● Bachelor Degree.
● An internationally recognized English language teaching qualification.
● At least 5 years ELT/TESOL teaching experience at reputable institutions.
● A postgraduate ELT/TESOL qualification, such as Cambridge DELTA, Cambridge IDLTM or a Master’s degree in ELT/TESOL
● Academic supervisory experience at a reputable institution.
● Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
● A great deal of energy and enthusiasm
● ELT experience in Vietnam or Asia
● Experience in teaching Young Learners / Teens

Work location: Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Address: CIS, 86 street 23, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC. The employee needs to travel between Lao Cai province and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as per work’s request


Quận 7


Sending CV through email: thuong.le@khoinguyenholdings.edu.vn 

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